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Meet Your Neighbor: Fran Walker


Family: I am single, never married. I assist my younger brother in raising his 12-year-old daughter, Emily.

Occupation: I am an administrative assistant at BBA Solutions in Little Rock. We service over 100 colleges and universities in 24 states, including 30 on-campus locations. We specialize in renting and selling textbooks.

Hobbies: In my free time (ha ha) I make cakes and cheese cakes.

Volunteer activities: I am active in the Little Rock South Lions Club and am the current secretary. I also teach the preschool Bible class at Lorance Drive church of Christ.

What do you like most about East End? The small community feel of it and the friendliness of the people.

Something people may not know about you: As a young child I lived in Thailand for three years and spoke Thai like a native, but sadly lost that language within a month of returning to the U.S.

Three people at your fantasy dinner party: My grandmother Daniel, God and Donald Trump. I want to know Trump’s plan for the future, and Trump needs to know God’s Plan for the future also.

Biggest pet peeve: Stupid people, especially ones in any customer service.

Favorite meal/food: I love Thai food, but there are not many places in Little Rock to find it, so I cook it myself.

Dream vacation destination: I would love to travel to Holland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The pictures that I see are just beautiful, so it has to be more beautiful in person.