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Meet Your Neighbor: Jayme Pritchard


Family: I’ve been married to Rick for 27 years. We have two sons: Brett, 25, lives in New York, and Conner, 18, is a senior this year.

Employment: Owner of Jayme’s Interiors. I’m a designer, helping people with remodeling their homes.

Hobbies: Making flower arrangements, painting furniture,  and going junking for treasures.

Volunteer activities: I don’t have a lot of volunteer time, but I do love to decorate East Union Church each year as my gift back to God for giving me my talent! I have also decorated several homes at Christmas for different charities to help them raise money and given away decorating time for them to give away to someone.

As a kid I imagined I would be: A designer. When my mom would come home when I was about 12, I would have moved all the furniture around in our den. 

Favorite book or movie: I don’t really have a favorite, but I love all the Christmas movies and the Home Alone movies!  

Biggest pet peeve: Not being able to keep my house clean!

The thing I like most about East End: The small town with friendly faces! I love how people are always willing to help each other even if they don’t know them! 

One thing most people don’t know about me? That as much as I love talking to someone on a one-on-one basis I do not like speaking to a crowd.

Three people at my fantasy dinner: I would love to have my Dad’s parents and God come have dinner with me because I have never met them!